It is our intent that your child has a wonderful experience in our class as well as the opportunity to find joy in dance.

Recital & Costume News

Recital Date is Sunday, May 17th with Dress Rehearsal on Saturday, May 16th.  Although recital participation is not required, students are encouraged to participate in this production.  Any student who begins class by October 11th is eligible to participate in this recital. Students that are registered later than this date are not eligible for the recital.

There will be a Recital Informational Packet handed out in late March.  In the packet, you will be given important recital papers regarding section rehearsals, pictures, DVDs, advertisements, t-shirts, tickets, dismissal forms and volunteer information.  Please make sure you carefully read over the booklet.

Costume Selection and Payment:
Approximate cost for costumes are as follows:
  Child sizes $60.00
    Adult sizes $65.00

The week of Oct 14th-18th, 1/2 of the costume deposit will be due. The costume balance will be due before Nov.15th. Your student will be measured in early December. Only pre-paid costumes will be ordered. Costume checks are payable to  Rhythm In Motion.

Studio Guidelines

Our Rhythm in Motion dance program is held in two dance studios located in  the DRS Community Center.

Studios are equipped with mirrored walls and cushioned floors. A viewing room is located between both

studios and serves as a waiting area during class times. The viewing room is equipped with one-way

mirrors so you can view the students in an uninterrupted manner. In order for students not to see you,

the lights must remain off.

Please read over the following studio policies:
Students should arrive 5 minutes before the start of class.  Students are asked to wait in the foyer or viewing room of the DRS until the instructor opens the classroom door. The instructor is not responsible for unsupervised children. Parents are asked to pick up their children at the studio entrance when the instructor opens the door. Parents are asked not to enter the classroom unless invited by the instructor.  
·      Students must be picked up after class on time. The instructor must be free to conduct the next class. The instructor will dismiss at        the studio door and will release the student to the parent/guardian, or as otherwise noted.
·      Food, drinks or gum are not allowed in class. Studios are equipped with water fountains.
·      Students should be properly dressed for class with hair securely fastened.
·      Students are expected to display a courteous and respectful attitude toward their instructor and classmates.
·      Parents are asked to use the viewing area as a waiting area.
·      Students should not wear any dance shoes outside on the pavement. Tap shoes should not be worn on the foyer tile floor.
·      Students should not wear any jewelry during class except small earrings.
·      The instructor controls the opening and closing of the classroom window blinds.
·      Parents are asked while sitting in the lobby that family members are respectful of recreation office operations and noise is kept to         a minimum.

Class Size:
A minimum enrollment of 6 students per class is required.  Classes with fewer students by Oct. 8th will be assigned to a comparable class. Extra teachers may be brought into a class to assist with larger classes.

Parent Viewing:
The viewing room, located between both studios serves as a waiting area during class times as spectators are not allowed in 
the studios while class is in session. Rooms are equipped with one-way mirrors so you can view class in an uninterrupted manner.  In order for students not to see you, lights must remain off.  Vertical blinds cover the windows and are controlled by the instructors.  As it gets closer to recital time and students are working on their routines, instructors may choose to close the blinds. 

Hands On Approach:
The Rhythm In Motion Dance program requires a “hands on” approach in order to fix proper alignment of the student's body for certain movements and dance related topics. Sometimes a dance teacher may touch the student in an appropriate manner in order to fix these misalignments. The definition of “hands on” would be gentle touches to remind the student to use or not use certain sets of muscles, help them with balance in certain combinations and correction of misalignments so that the student will not continue to make those same mistakes. Corrections are dance related only.

Parent/Student Notices:
Information regarding class changes or additional information you need to know will be posted on the bulletin board between the studios. In some cases the class representative will make phone calls to notify parents or notes will be sent home or emailed. We try very hard to make sure we have good communication between the recreation office, teachers and parents.

Class Representatives:
A parent from each class is needed to be the group’s representative. This person would serve as a liaison between the teachers and parents helping pass along important information to the class parents. Only handouts approved by Ms. Lanore may be distributed.

If you are interested, please let your child’s instructor know. We appreciate parent involvement.


Regular attendance is expected and we urge you to keep absenteeism to a minimum. It's to the student's advantage to attend all lessons. In the case of illness, please contact the student’s instructor so they can provide you with best suited days and times for a make-up class. Tuition credits are not applied for classes missed due to illness. In the case of an extended illness, notify Ms. Lanore.  If a student has a minor injury that prevents them from participating in class, it is to their advantage to come and observe the class while in session.

All parents, guardians and caregivers are expected to pick up their child immediately after class is dismissed. The instructor will dismiss students at the studio door. Please be reminded that when picking up children outside of the building you are not allowed to park directly in front of the building. This lane is a designated fire lane and parking or waiting in your vehicle is not legally permitted. Children will have to walk across the drive area to the parking lot to meet their ride.

Private Lessons:
Private lessons are available. Please contact your instructor if interested.